The Three Objectives

Al-Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz

All courses that are offered by Dar al-Mustafa have as their primary aim of striving to attain the three lofty objectives of the religion of Islam. They are, in logical order: knowledge, spiritual wayfaring and calling people to Allah.


What is meant by knowledge is ‘to perfect the acquisition of the sacred sciences attained at the feet of qualified teachers who possess an authentic chain of sacred transmission that stretches unbroken all the way back to the divine origin’. This objective is the basis for the preservation of sacred knowledge as well as for the spread of the Sacred Law amongst humanity. It requires formal acquisition through a connection with the chain of transmission. This is attained by studying selected texts at the hands of qualified teachers. Beneficial modern methods of learning are used alongside traditional methods and there is an emphasis on the application of knowledge.


Spiritual Wayfaring

The second objective is reinforced spiritual discipline and the purification of the soul. This is achieved through the performance of selected spiritual works as well as the reading of specific texts. Works include the remembrance of Allah and prayer. Specific texts include the books of Imam al-Ghazali, Imam al-Haddad and other knowers of Allah. The objective is to couple knowledge and deed such that the student has not only attained a relative mastery of the outward sciences but has also acquired an inner-light due to his acquisition of such knowledge and his subsequent acting in accordance with it.

Calling to Allah (Da’wah)

The student’s concern for the state of the Ummah and desire to emulate the Messenger of Allah dictate that he expends his efforts to draw people closer to Allah. The principles of calling to Allah must be learnt before the student can call to Allah using knowledge and action.

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