The fees for this year’s Dowra are set at $600 USD excluding plane tickets and visa fees. This fee includes food and accommodation for the duration of the Dowra as well as visits inside Tarim and the surrounding area, as well as pick up and drop off from Seiyun airport. 

Following acceptance you will receive a Student Pack by email which will give full details of the course and details of what you will be required to do next.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • We advise that all applicants read the FAQ’s section before submitting their application.
  • All students must be over 18 years of age. However if the applicant is mature and responsible and is able to provide references then the application can be submitted for selection.
  • All students that wish to participate in this Dowra must register by way of this application process.
  • You must come of your own free will, i.e. not forced to attend by parents etc.  Please note the Dowra is not a correction facility, and we do not have resources to make it such.
  • You must have the desire and ambition to gain real benefit from their time in Tarim.
  • You must be prepared to respect the practices and customs in Tarim and Yemen as a whole
  • We aim to have mature and responsible students dedicated and able to endure the intensity of the 35 days.
  • You must abide by the rules put in place by the Dowra administration

Applications are open to eligible students until the application closure date.


The Visa Process

You may be able to obtain a visit visa directly from the Yemeni Embassy in your locality. Students coming from Australia should be able to get their visas from the Yemeni Consulate without any problem. Those who are unable to do so must apply for a visit visa through the Dowra admin or for a study visa through Dar al-Mustafa or Dar al-Zahra if they are planning to stay on and study after the Dowra.

For this you will need to transfer a fee of approximately 20,000 YR (£66/$94) per person. You must also send a colour scan of the photo page of your passport.

All those who are intending to stay and study in Tarim after the Dowra for more than 3 months MUST obtain a study visa.

Note that as soon as your visa expires you will be charged a fee of 300 YR (£0.90/ $1.40) per day for every day you overstay your visa. Most nationalities are only given a one month visa. British citizens are usually given a three month visa.


Travelling to Tarim

Students must fly into Seiyun airport (around half an hour from Tarim) where they will be collected. They can either fly first to Sanaa and then take an internal flight to Seiyun or they can fly directly to Seiyun from Abu Dhabi or Jeddah.

Flights to Seiyun (subject to change)

From Sanaa – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

From Jeddah – Thursday

From Abu Dhabi - Monday 

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